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Are You Looking for Step Change in
YOUR Financial Performance?

Value Engager offers proven interactive exercises and enterprise training that build or reinforce the foundation for Sales and Leadership to understand and sell value.

We can deliver the program and guide implementation. We can lead the installation of tracking and implementation tools. Or we can provide a turnkey communication solution, combined with training, for your internal development professionals.

Our Value Selling

1st Help CONSTRUCT an employee engagement environment to embrace change

2nd Build understanding of value identification and CREATION

3rd Build understanding of how to CALCULATE value properly

4th Build understanding of how to COMMUNICATE value positively

5th CAPTURE value in margin and volume via execution and accountability

6th Leave a CONTINUING annuity of value selling profit growth

What We Can Provide Your Team

  • An understanding of research-backed employee engagement principles for deployment during the ValuEngager sales culture change process

  • An enterprise-wide margin management and improvement process

  • A sales culture change process via a customized enterprise Value Selling program

  • A "finance for non-finance folks" understanding of how your Customers' businesses operate to produce a profit

  • An identification of the real drivers of value in your Customers' business. The development and definition of your value proposition(s).

  • An unleashing of the power of quantifying your solution(s) (i.e. "Dollarization")

  • A lens through which to view these drivers as leverage points that determine both the Customer's and your business success and profitability

  • A proven Value pricing process

  • A better view of the importance of selling your value solutions to the appropriate members of your Customer's team

  • Insight into the importance of selecting and investing in the development of long-term partnering relationships with select Customers

  • A unique and valuable program to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage by blending Employee Engagement with Value Selling

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